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Did you recently get engaged? Mazal Tov!

Rabbi Miller prepares couples for marriage through Pre-Marital Spiritual Counseling, Wedding Ceremony Planning, and Officiation. She joyfully officiates at gay, straight, dual-Jewish and interfaith marriages, as well as vow renewal ceremonies. 

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In one 30-minute consultation, Rabbi Miller will help you get oriented with the next steps in your wedding preparation, a primer on wedding approaches, and a quick preview of the topics of discussion that a marriage strong.

Consultation and Pre-Marital Spiritual Counseling:

The above, plus, over the course of 3 one-hour sessions, Rabbi Miller will engage with you and your fiancé in critical conversations to taking your relationship to the next level and prepare for the road of marriage.  

Consultation, Pre-Marital Spiritual Counseling, and Wedding Planning:

All of the above, plus over the course of 2 one-hour sessions, Rabbi Miller will walk you and your fiancé through the creation of a wedding plan made just for you— no two couples are alike and no two weddings are the same. Rabbi Miller will explain Jewish wedding rituals. You will share your thoughts on those rituals and also bring in your visions of rituals that would be meaningful to you.  Keep in mind: Rabbi Miller specializes in interdenominational, interfaith/Intercultural, and LGBT weddings, and she joyfully celebrates all. 

Consultation, Pre-Marital Spiritual Counseling, Wedding Planning, and Officiation:

All of the above, plus, you want a professionally ordained, personable, joyful, and engaging Rabbi to guide your relationship into marriage, by providing you with spiritual counseling, wedding planning, and officiating your wedding.  Rabbi Miller will guide your nearest and dearest through a wedding rehearsal, and officiate your wedding.

​"I can't tell you how much our ceremony meant to us. You made it so special. Everyone was so moved by the ceremony and touched by your words. I kid you not, my friend is claiming she wants to convert now. Both my sister-in-law and sister want you to marry them and I hope my children can grow up with you as their rabbi. You put so much effort and love into our marriage and I will never forget it. Your special words to us were so true and on point. Thank you so much for the advice and the support! We love you!!"


Rabbi Heather Miller pronunciation chuppah Tuesday Club wedding marriage rabbi"We wanted to thank you for being such an integral part of our wedding. Your speech was beautiful and captured so well the feeling of our relationship. I heard so many wonderful things said about you from all our friends and family. You are a beautiful speaker and your warmth and spirit resonated with everyone in attendance. I am so grateful that we found you. The sessions that we spent together were so helpful and fun. We looked forward to all of them. We are so lucky to have gotten to spend time with you in planning the wedding. You have become not only our rabbi, but our friend too."
"Rabbi Heather did such an amazing job for our daughter's wedding. She was so personable and loving during the ketubah and wedding ceremony. She really captured the essence of both my daughter and son-in-law in her speech. Everyone was commenting on how lovely the service was. We were thrilled in every way. I would highly recommend her." 
"Unlike any other officiant that I have worked with, you created a holy space for the bride and groom and their family. For me as a wedding coordinator, it was unique and special to witness.”