The Four Steps of Self-Repair - Online Course



The purpose of this accessible, practical, illuminating course is to provide students with the frameworks and tools to clearly and confidently identify areas for their own spiritual growth and begin to make the changes necessary to become more aligned with their true, beautiful, spiritual essence. It contains audio files, and text handouts over five lessons to help YOU on your spiritual journey.

Learners will:

  • Understand the importance and origins of self-review in the Jewish tradition
  • Sense encouragement as you begin your path to self-repair
  • Begin to identify a vision for your truest expression of yourself
  • Feel empowered to claim that version of yourself
  • Overcome obstacles that hold you back from flourishing as your true self
  • Increase awareness of the importance of this work
  • Commit to repeating this practice regularly in life
  • Enjoy guidance from the wisdom of the Jewish tradition all along the way!

The course is comprised of an Introductory Class and 5 subsequent classes that each feature audio instruction as well as handouts that you can view onscreen or print out at your convenience. They each include prompts to inspire reflection and prime the learner for positive transformation.


Enroll now to receive:

Five Session Course, Rabbi Miller Teaching via Audio Files, and Worksheet Files


"Resolutions is Torah in its essence -- uplifting and soul-stirring. This collection is a call to deeper self-knowledge and healing, both personally and university."

"This is a perfect way to enter the month of Elul, with an excellent step by step, day by day guide with delectable soul food along with daily new details to stimulate our intellect. A new MUST for the High Holy Days, and/or year round. Will join the ranks of seasonal Jewish classics!"

"This text is clearly written, beautifully arranged, and thoughtfully presented in a way that allows the reader - at any level of knowledge or experience -

to connect with their inner soul, and with their personal mission to improve their life. Highly recommend!"